Frequently Asked Questions


Why schoolparents?  Why now?

Times have changed and the typical family has changed. The traditional methods of meeting other school parents, forming relationships and helping children settle into school have also changed.

The current advice for meeting other school parents is out-dated - volunteering at the canteen, attending P&C meetings, or arriving at pick up a few minutes early are sadly unachievable for many parents, particularly those who work. Schoolparents helps mums and dads connect with more people in their school and local community, in a website where the features and functionality have been custom designed just for parents.

Social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn have conditioned us to make introductions online and are now accepted as a primary means of interacting with personal friends, work friends and extended families. To date, there hasn't been a relevant solution for helping create or strengthen friendships amongst school parents, yet parents interact more frequently with other parents than with any other network of friends.

Is schoolparents run by my child’s school?

No. Schoolparents was created by parents, for parents. All features of the site were tested with parents during the development process. Schools have pages which members can follow, allowing them to receive general information and updates about school events in the newsfeed, as well as browse the uniform shop and assist in fundraising. Following a school is a one-way connection. Following does not allow the school to view any of the members information or posts.

Is this website for my children?

No. Schoolparents is designed for parents.  The goals of the site are dual-sided:

1) To allow parents to connect with their child’s friends parents, for social and safety purposes (child-driven)

2) For parents to connect with parents whom they have an existing friendship with, or would like to develop a friendship with (parent-driven)

I am a class parent. How can I use schoolparents to communicate with all the parents of my child’s class?

The best way to do this is to create a PRIVATE GROUP and invite all parents in the class to join it. You must have each parent on your friends list, so just ask parents to create a profile and send you a friend request. Alternatively you can search for each parent individually and request their friendship.

Private groups allow each member to chat and share within the group, without having access to each others personal profiles. The exception to this is that each parent WILL have access to your profile (i.e. the class parents profile). Once your child moves on from the class, or starts a new school year, simpy delete the private group, and remove the friends who are no longer relevant to you.

What sorts of things should I talk about/share on schoolparents?

We recommend talking about and sharing the types of things you would happily share at the school gate. When posting photographs, please do not post photographs of another parents child without their permission.

I haven’t used social networks to discuss and share details of my children before. How can I get the most out of it?

We understand that every parent has a different level of comfort when it comes to disclosing information on social networks. That’s why we have ensured there are many choices for setting up a profile.

In its simplest form you can input details just for yourself, it is not mandatory to add your children’s details. However, we recommend adding your children in order for other families at your child’s school to find you, to understand the things they have in common with you, and to include you in relevant events.

For example, a parent might be able to relate to having a child starting year 7, whilst also supporting a teenager through their final year. They may wish to organise a birthday party and search by school year group for kids to invite. Or, a parent may organise a school event such as a fete or a fun-run, and only parents with the school in their profile will receive the invite.

If you choose to add your child, you can keep them as anonymous as you'd like. For example, you could show that you have a son who attends a school without disclosing your sons name or the year group he is in. Adding photographs of children is optional.

Why can't I just use Facebook or Google+?

Unlike most social networks that are focused on the individual, at schoolparents the focus is firmly on families and children.  It’s a private, niche social network that makes parents lives easier.  By creating a profile on schoolparents you are welcoming and encouraging contact and new friendships within the school community.  The unique, multi-layered search functionality allows parents to build a great network of friends in no time. When you post updates on the newsfeed you know that your audience are ALL parents. Many of our members tell us that on larger networks like Facebook they are a spectator, hesitating to post updates about their family or ask for parenting advice. However on schoolparents they feel comfortable enough to post frequently.


When entering my child’s information, my child’s school does not appear?

The schoolparents database includes the vast majority of Australian preschools, primary and highschools, and we try to ensure all schools are included. If yours does not appear, simply type the name in, and our administration team will receive an automatic notice. They will then research the schools exact details and have it added to the database.

If I have children at different schools, do I need 2 profiles/accounts?

No. Each child’s profile can be different!

My partner wants to join Schoolparents. Can I save them time by linking our profiles?

Yes! Simply ask your partner to create a profile, without adding any children’s details. You can then go to your Profile, click the ‘About’ tab and click the ‘link with partner’ button under Family Information.

What if I am a carer not a parent?

We recognise that many people can benefit from the schoolparents website, and carers such as grandparents and nannies can play a very important role in children’s lives. We encourage and welcome your membership! However, where possible please check with the parent first prior to creating a profile.


What is the quickest way to search for a friend whose name I know?

There are two ways:

1) On the right hand side of the page there is a button which says “Find more school parents you might know”.

2) Click the SEARCH button on the left of the home page, and click the ‘quick search tab’. Here you can search by name only.

I’d like my child’s name to appear on my public profile so that people can find me more easily. How can I change this?

By default, children’s names do not appear on your public profile. This is unable to be changed.


Will photos of my children be visible to everyone?

No. Photos of your children are only visible to your approved friends. Rest assured that your photos are locked from the view of non-friends.

What size photos should I upload?

We recommend photos no larger than 5MB. The smaller the file size, the quicker the upload.

What format should the photos be in?

All popular photo formats are supported (JPG, PNG and GIF).

How can I ‘like’ a photo?

Simply click the smiley face!  

How can I create an album?

Simply click the photos button on the left hand side of the home page, and click ‘Create Album’.


What is the difference between private and public groups?

Private Groups have restricted access. Only invited members can post and see who is in the group.

Public Groups have unrestricted access. Anyone can join the group and view its members and posts.

What types of public groups could I create?

There is no limit to the types of groups you can create. Some great examples of active public groups are ‘Quick & Healthy Kids Dinners, ‘Anti-bullying’, ‘Great Australian Family Holiday Spots” and ‘Lunchbox Ideas’, ‘Fundraising Ideas’ and ‘School Holiday Activities’.

Public groups are also useful when you want to connect with parents, but do not want them to be able to access your personal posts and family information. For example, you may wish to create a group for your child’s soccer team to discuss wet weather plans, organise car-pooling, etc. In this example, you could call the group ‘Red Backs Under 12’s Soccer Group’, and ask each parent to search for it, and join it in the GROUPS function.


What is the Events feature?

The events feature allows you to create and send invitations, and track your RSVP’s. To do this, simply click EVENTS on the left hand side of the home page.

What is the difference between public, private and school events?

Public Events: Anyone can view the event details, and join the guest list. Suitable for events that people from any school could attend, such as a fete, fundraiser, fun-run, etc.

Private Events: Only people who have received an invitation can view details and attend the event. Suitable for events such as birthday parties, class parent events, a casual bbq, etc.

School Events: Only members with children at the school can view the event details. Suitable for school sports carnivals, mothers day morning teas, school speech nights, etc.

Can I invite people to my events if they are not on Schoolparents?

Yes. Simply choose the ‘invite by email’ tab once you have created your invitation. Those invited this way will receive an email advising them of the event details, and can RSVP directly to your email address. Please note that their RSVP will not be recorded on the website.


How can I adjust my privacy settings?

While you are logged-in, simply click the settings icon  on the top right hand side of the website.

How can I turn off email notifications?

Go to Settings  and select the Update Notifications tab. Here you will find several choices for turning off email alerts.
In addition, every email notification you receive contains a clickable link at the bottom of the email which takes you to your settings (the link says 'manage your notification preferences).


I have a specific question, how can I contact the schoolparents team?

Simply click here to submit your enquiry to the schoolparents team, which will be promptly replied to.