Connecting parents and school communities

Today's parents have embraced social networking, and when it comes to posting about the most important people in your life, is now the best place you can be!

In a nutshell, schoolparents does for parents what LinkedIn does for professionals. A purpose built platform delivering a gateway for introductions, interaction and friendship within the school community.

Whether you're searching for the parents you met at orientation, oraganising a play-date, need help with carpooling or simply wanting to feel more a part of the school community, you'll find it easy on schoolparents.

1. Create a Profile

Link yourself to your child's school
Every parent has a different level of comfort when it comes to disclosing information online. With that in mind, schoolparents offers a variety of choices so that YOU can decide just how much information you'd like to share.

Upon creating your individual profile, it is then OPTIONAL to add your child's school. Adding the school to your profile allows others to find you and automatically links you to the school newsfeed.  Any details you add about your child in addition to the school name will be hidden from non-friends at all time. This is just one of the sites many security features. For added peace of mind, you can view how your non-friend profile appears, simply by clicking PROFILE.

People searching for you wlll see this...
Your approved friends wlll see this...

2. Have conversations

Say hello, make plans and get advice
Being social can be hard when you're busy with school-aged kids, but with schoolparents you can start a conversation with just a few clicks. You can chat privately to individuals or groups, so whether it’s advice on a maths tutor, organising a car pool for Saturday soccer or just catching up on class news – you can do it all with ease. For sharing news with all of your friends, simply post an update on your wall!

Post messages and comments...
View updates from your friends...

3. Share photos

Create private family albums, or share a moment with friends
Family life is full of special moments. Whether it’s their first day of school, they’re receiving a ribbon at the sports carnival or attending the high school formal, with schoolparents these memories can easily be saved to private albums or shared with friends and family.

4. Create events

Customise gorgeous party invitations and plan your schedule
With children, life can feel like one crazy schedule! But with schoolparents you can feel more in control with the help of the clever Events feature. Here you can create events and track RSVP’s, customise fun party invitations and map out the weeks ahead with ease.


View all invitation designs

5. Buy and Sell Pre-loved Kids Items

Each year we seem to accumulate more and more - another pram, a bicycle, a violin and of course another year's worth of school uniforms and textbooks.

With schoolparents, selling your pre-loved items is quick and easy, and purchasing comes with peace of mind as items can be bought from families within your school and local community. Buyers can rate a seller and leave comments, allowing you to asses a seller when considering a purchase. Importantly, you can see if any of the ratings and comments have been given by parents on your friends list.

It is currently FREE for members to list items on the Marketplace. There are 3 definitions of pre-loved item quality - Near New, Good Condition and Well-Loved. This allows you to have a clear expectation of the state the item is in. You can follow a seller to get updates through to your newsfeed when they list items for sale, which can come in very handy! 

Items can be listed singularly, or can be grouped together in a Multiple Listing that allows the seller to set a price per item and a total price to entice a buyer to take all the items at once.

Coming Soon... 

At schoolparents we're always thinking about new and exciting features to develop for our members. We're working through a long list and at the top of it is a Directory that allows you to search for extra-curricular activities, tutors, holiday camps, family services and more. You’ll be able to follow businesses to get their special offers straight through to your newsfeed, so you’ll never miss out on a great deal.

If you have any suggestions on how we can make schoolparents even better, we’d love to hear from you!  Send us an email -